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ISAIA is a successful family enterprise that became an international business model.


It was established in Napoli in the 1920s by Enrico Isaia, who opened a fabric store with a small workshop next door.



In 1957, the business moved to Casalnuovo, a village near Napoli full of professional tailors, and in the ‘80s it adopted a process of industrialization and internationalization that led to the foreign distribution of the product in Europe, Japan, China, and America.


Nowadays the company boasts many flagship stores including Baku, Capri, Chicago, Dnepropetrovsk, Ekaterinburg, Harrods London, Hong Kong, Kiev, Kuwait City, Limassol, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Milan, Moscow, New Delhi, New York, Riyadh, Rome, San Francisco, Sochi, St Moritz, Tokyo, Toronto, Ulaanbaatar and an international distribution network.



ISAIA is contemporary tradition: the brand’s success is due to its ability to reinterpret the concept of history and tradition and to combine the ancient sartorial needle-and thread culture with cutting-edge technology, constantly performing research into style and ever-new models.



The offer of the ISAIA collections is all-round, ranging from formal to sportswear through outerwear. Customers can have the opportunity to take advantage of the tailor- made service not only for formalwear but even for sportswear.