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Sorrento Luxury extra dry prosecco Valdobbiadene d.o.c.g



is one of the most beloved Italian symbols in the world for its fresh flavor, low alcohol content, the chance of being combined with multiple courses, to be used for great aperitifs, and for the value for money that has no rivals in the world. All these features made prosecco a product beloved by tourists who come to visit our beautiful country.
Born in the sixteenth century in province of Treviso by a grape white quality named “Glera”, prosecco has reached high quality standard in protected areas like Conegliano-Valdobbiadene - today a UNESCO World Heritage Site - thanks to their unique scenics, cultural, agricultural beauties and to the great promotional team work of the “Country system ".
It is especially appreciated in the sparkling wine version, and the “Extra Dry” quality is the most classic. Each glass gathers all the freshness of the Venetian hills, capable of giving liveliness to exciting moments to remember, confirming itself as that important Italian excellence that has fascinated the whole world.

Not long time ago we decided to make real a new dream, starting a project which borns from the idea to remind to our guests their beautiful and emotional moments - spent with us - during their holidays: the Sorrento Luxury extra dry Prosecco! We produce a high quality wine using only Italian grapes grown in Veneto - in the province of Trevigiano - under the Sorrento Luxury brand, to offer to our Guests another exclusive service. To guarantee the quality product, our prosecco has been entitled of the DOCG warranty mark which means "Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita" and helps who buy wines against fake wines or frauds.


Sorrento Luxury prosecco comes with a heavy, high quality bottle "flute type", with a thick glass and a matte black painted finish of the same color as the label. The label is made of "soft shall" material with the Sorrento Luxury logo made of cast gold. We believe in friendship, loyalty and intellectual honesty, and we wish to thank all people that showed us this values in the first 5 years of Sorrento Luxury activity… One of the greatest riches is sharing emotions and happiness with beloved ones. Choose Sorrento Luxury Extra Dry Prosecco for your special occasions and your successful celebrations!


Feel free to contact us for any further queries at the email address: info@sorrentoluxury.it or using the mobile number +39 334 31 26 664

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