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Yacht Management

Yacht Sorrento Luxury Commercial Offer:


If you own a yacht and you realized that you're not using it enough, the running costs are high, you should know that the rental of your yacht could provide countless benefits beyond to financial ones.

Are you puzzled by the technical and management problems you will face?

Do you have a crew that doesn't meet your needs?

Would you like to buy a yacht but don't know which one?


Our goal is to keep you entertained while we take care of everything you need to spend unforgettable moments with your yacht.

The services that Sorrento Luxury can offer are:

  • Purchase advice: we will assist you during the technical inspection visit on board, during sea trials, for the drafting of the MOA and the Bill of Sale.
  • Technical / administrative management of your yacht: we will take care of your yacht, moorings, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, re- fitting works, insurance, all documentation with the flag and with the competent authorities.
  • Worldwide transfers: we will take care of all the necessary transfers for you, for the clients of your yacht, or for your yacht itself to enjoy your stay on board in the best possible way.
  • Crew management: we will take care of the selection and training of your crew in order to be able to better relate to the guest customers on board your yacht.
  • Marketing and commercial management: we will insert your yacht within the Sorrento Luxury circuit, on the web portals, we will take care of social networks, media, advertising campaigns and photo shoots, booking, relations with guests and all the services of which wish.


Our passion for the sea and for boats and the experience gained in the yacht rental sector is a guarantee: we currently manage a fleet of luxury yachts owned by us and by owners who already had the boat or who like you right now you're thinking of do.

At the moment we are a single central agency for the whole world, based in Italy.

Our team is made up of naval engineers, captains, treasurers, technicians, graphic designers and hospitality experts, charter managers.


You will be completely relieved of any thoughts or concerns about your boat or yacht.


You will simply have to choose the dates to reserve for your vacation. 

In addition, you also have the option of purchasing a property with another investor who wishes to conclude a deal like you.

Sorrento Luxury will undertake to conclude the deal without claiming commissions on the transaction, but it will simply make available to you free of charge its skills only if you entrust the boat to the Company to carry out activities of rental and maintenance.

Customized Program For You


ACTIVE MANAGEMENT - The AM program is the simplest and risk-free Sorrento Luxury program. If you already have a beautiful motor or sail boat in one of the most exclusive locations in the world, we will ensure that your boat becomes an annuity for you, from rentals that we will propose to make to our customers. You will also have the opportunity to navigate to a location in the world of your choice up to a number of weeks that we will agree on, based on your and our program we will take care of general maintenance and guarantee you reserved discounts on purchases, our goal is to rent your boat with the certifications established by law and make your thoughts related to maintenance and management and to the costs that generally sustain the common yachtsmen vanish. 

OWNERSHIP: The Ownership Program is an opportunity for owners to be able to buy a boat , indicating the budget to be chosen , and the preferred model both new and used. Sorrento Luxury provides the entire team of authorized professionals, such as Naval Engineers, Technical Experts and Commandants of experience in the sector for the serene success of the business at no further costs related to the appraisal of the boat or in following the order and the ad-hoc success of the works carried out by the shipyard.  Sorrento Luxury is committed to guaranteeing the deal through the qualities and skills learned in the field over several years in the valuations or write-downs of boats all this exclusively in favor of the owner who will allocate his boat to charter for the customers of the Sorrento Luxury International circuit. You will have the luxury boat motor hours or sailing you have always wanted, at one of our bases of the world and you can surf for a number of weeks by taking advantage of our program of "mutual use" charter and private (this program is only available in some locations).  

CO-OWNERSHIP: Sorrento Luxury is committed under the shipowner set budget that is re looking for the boat that best suits its needs to communicate with other owners of the network or the new , the possibility à to purchase shared. Many owners like to own several boats at the same time to vary according to the family needs of the moment based on the cabins or the number of guests.

Thanks to the close relationships that Sorrento Luxury has created over the years with remarkable shipowners and shipyards, it will be possible to receive dedicated discounts for the long-lasting partnership taken care of over time , the owners will be able to benefit from our services for free as long as the boats are placed on charter available to Sorrento Luxury all over the world.