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Which vessel type and size should I choose?

The choice of vessel depends entirely on your wishes and preferences.


How many people will be on board?

Each boat is up to 12 passengers, crew members included.


We are a group of 15 people; do we need two boats?

Yes, due to Italian law about leisure boat security, each boat is up to 12 passengers (crew members included), so you will need two boats.

We guarantee that the vessels will cruise side by side for all the time and will stop at the same time and in the same places.

If you wish to stay all together on the same boat, we also suggest another option: our Sunseeker Predator 75 + a small vessel just in case of security checks by coast guard.

In this case, a special price for the second boat will be applied.


Is the vessel insured?

Yes, the vessel is fully insured.

Chartering a boat with Sorrento Luxury means no stress, no worries, and complete relaxation.

In other words, sailing around our beautiful area with a fully insured vessel is the norm at Sorrento Luxury.


Children on board?

Children can go sailing with you from an early age – there is no age limit, however, their stay on board should be closely monitored by adults.


Are pets allowed on board?

Small/medium-sized pets are allowed on a selection of boats. In this case, a supplement will be required.


Can I wear shoes on board the yacht?

We politely ask you to take off your shoes before boarding the vessel.

This is to keep the boat clean and to protect the materials such as the teak deck.


Do I find beach towels and snorkeling equipment on board?

Yes, you always will find a beach towel for each person on board.  For hygienic reasons, after COVID-19, snorkeling equipment is not included on board. We can provide at additional cost.


Would be possible to have life vests on board?

Yes, please keep us informed if the life vest will be for an infant, a child or for an adult.


Does the skipper speak English?

Yes, our skippers are all of them professional and licensed. They will be pleased to show you the wonders of the area telling you stories and giving you tips. They will also show you the best spots for swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling.


Is tipping included?

As here in Italy we don’t have a "tipping policy", we never include that in our prices.

It is something up to you and related to how much you are satisfied from the offered services.


Where do we park the car?

If you are arriving in Sorrento by car, remember that the historic center of town is closed to traffic each evening after 7:30 pm and all-day Sunday. The parking options listed below are the closest to the Marina Piccola and always accessible, even when the downtown is closed to motor vehicles:

  • Parcheggio Vallone dei Mulini - Via Fuorimura 16
  • Parcheggio Marina Piccola - a guarded located at the port. Discounts available for online reservations.



What’s tour duration?

Full day experiences have a duration of 7 hours.

Usually, departure is at 10AM in high season and at 9AM in low season.

Half day experiences have a minimum duration of 5 hours.


Shall I start later my tour?

Yes, you can start later your tour but please note that after 6PM a supplement per hour will be applied.


May I add extra time?

Yes, you can add extra hours considering a supplement per hour.




May I departure from a different port?

Yes, you can start your tour from a different location as Naples, Capri, Ischia, Positano, Amalfi, Salerno etc.

PLEASE NOTE: in that case a supplement for fuel will be applied.


May I be dropped off in a different port than departure?

Yes, you can be dropped off in a different location than departure. Please keep us informed about your plans and about how many pieces of luggage you’ll have with you.

PLEASE NOTE: Porter service is complimentary up to one luggage per person.  A supplement of euro 15,00 will be applied to each extra luggage.


May the skipper pick me up from my hotel?
Yes, if your hotel/villa/accommodation has a private jetty we can pick you up straight from there (weather forecast / sea condition permitting).
Usually we stay in touch with the hotel concierge staff, informing them about your tour date, departure time, type of boat and skipper’s direct mobile number. We always cooperate all together to guarantee an easy and fast boarding.


Would be possible to visit Ravello during my Amalfi Coast tour?
Yes, Ravello is 10 minutes far by car from Amalfi and you can take a cab from Darsena pier.


Which places should I visit?

If you don’t know which places to visit, please check some of our suggested routes on our page: Click Here



I arrive in Sorrento with a cruise ship, is the meeting point far from the cruise dock?

In Sorrento cruise ships dock in Marina Piccola which is the same port from where our tours start. Once you’ll jump off your tender boat, look for bar “Ruccio” ( just few steps away) and you’ll find a Sorrento Luxury staff member waiting for you - holding a sign with your name written on - and that will take you to the boat.


I arrive in Naples with a cruise ship, is the meeting point far from the cruise dock?

In Naples our tours start from Molo Luise and cruise ships dock in Molo Beverello, which is 15 minutes far by car from Molo Luise (traffic permitting).

In this case we always suggest a private roundtrip transfer from / to Molo Beverello. Your driver will wait for you at the cruise arrival terminal - holding a sign with your name written on - and will lead you to your boat in Molo Luise.

PLEASE NOTE: in that case a supplement for transfer will be applied.



Do I find food and drinks on board?

Yes, on board you’ll find fresh fruit, aperitif snacks (like chips, nuts, olives), soft drinks (like water, Pepsi Cola and juices) and one bottle of our exclusive  DOCG Sorrento Luxury Extra-dry prosecco.

If you have any special request, this will be considered an extra and we’ll inform you about how much will be the supplement. 


May I take on board my own food and drinks?

It is strictly forbidden to bring food/drinks from outside


Is the lunch included?

During our tours, a lunch stop is planned, but lunch is not included in the price. We are used to recommending restaurants with good value between quality and price and we can also look after your reservation.


May I have lunch on board?

For lunch (especially for daily experiences) we are used to recommending restaurants with access from the sea, anyway, we can arrange a light lunch on board our Sunseeker Predator 75.

PLEASE NOTE: before confirming a light lunch on board our Sunseeker Predator 75 we need to know the number of participants. In case of confirmation, we’ll suggest several options and a supplement for food and drinks will be applied.



There will be additional costs?

Yes, you should consider moorings and marina fees, optional extras (like special food or alchol / spirits if you want them), supplement for extra hour if you wish to stay longer on board after the agreeded time or if you wish to visit places like Blue Grotto in Capri or Emerald Grotto in Amalfi.

These kinds of attractions require an entrance ticket that must be paid locally in cash (roughly euro 18,00 for Blue Grotto and euro 5,00 for Emerald Grotto).


If you wish to go ashore in Capri, please note that the port authorities apply a charge tourist entry fee for short stays of euro 2,50 per person + a mooring fee of euro 100 or € 200 per boat.

In this case, you have two options:

  • Dock in Capri Marina Grande port and pay the fee
  • Have lunch by a restaurant along the coastline with a private jetty. In this case no landing fee will be applied, and you can reach the city center anyway.


PLEASE NOTE: these are Capri Island provisions and are not up Sorrento Luxury.


Do I save money booking my tour in advance?

Yes, booking in advance offers the chance to save on our ordinary rates.


Do I save money booking multiple sea-experiences?

Yes, booking multiple sea-experiences offers the chance to save a further 5% on the official rate.



How do I book the tour?

You can send us an email with your request at the address info@sorrentoluxury.it and our travel experts will send you our confirmation voucher to fill in.

The boat is considered booked by you as soon as you pay the first installment, i.e. 50% of the total price, or the whole charter fee for bookings within 30 days before the departure.


What document is required for a reservation?

A passenger’s passport photo is required.


How can I pay to confirm the boat?

You can either pay by:

  • Cards: we accept payments with cards on all the main international circuits including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Once the accounting office processes the payment, you'll receive the payment receipt in an attachment to the confirmation e-mail.
  • Paypal: we’ll need an e-mail address where to send the payment request. PLEASE NOTE: a 4% fee will be applied. 
  • Bank transfer

Would the price be lower if I paid cash?

Sometimes people accept payments in cash offering a lower price for a boat. This means that no invoice and no contract will be released, no tax will be paid, and nothing will be declared, and this is against the law.

Sorrento Luxury always takes care of its Guests, working legally and setting all the paperwork, guaranteeing safety and an unforgettable positive experience.


What’s your cancellation policy?


  • For cancellations up to 30 days prior to the date of service, no penalty fee will be applied. 



  • For cancellations from 29 to 11 days prior to the date of service, 50% of the total amount will be charged as a penalty fee.


  • For cancellations up to 10 days prior to the date of service, 100% of the total amount will be charged as a penalty fee.




  • In case of cancellation bank charges will be charged to the customer.


  • In case of adverse weather conditions, the company will reschedule the excursion for the following days, using the same boat, if available, or a similar one among those of the same fleet. If the trip can’t be switched to another day, due to extreme conditions, the company will proceed to the total refund with the exception of 5% that will be withheld for the costs of the service. (*This clause is not valid for overnight onboard for Multiple-day Cruises).
  • In case of bad weather during a multiple-day cruise, if the sea conditions allow the service to be carried out safely, there is no cancellation. It will be the Company’s discretion to reschedule the experience or to provide a refund if security conditions do not exist. Remember that the refund will be deducted 5% for the costs of the service management.



  • Technological maintenance activities are planned in advance, but sometimes this may imply the substitution of elements, and making a replacement may take longer…in this case, the Company will proceed by offering a same-size boat, a similar one, or even a bigger one.


  • If you wish to end your tour during the first-hour cruise due to the rough sea, we'll proceed with a 100% refund. *Valid for departure from Sorrento only for full-day charters.
    *Not valid for overnight on board.


  • All cancellations must be received by email to info@sorrentoluxury.it.


   Covid-19 Policy for daily charters

   For daily charters, We will proceed with a total refund for cancellations up to 72 hours  in case of:

        - Flight cancellation

        - Government restrictions

        - Covid-19 infection (an official certificate must be sent to Us)

 For cancellations less than 72 hours prior to the arrival date, 100% of the total amount will be charged as a penalty fee.

 Instead of cancellation, the customer can be entitled to a voucher valid for 2 years, in this case, the paid amount will raise by 10%.       Otherwise we will proceed with refund.




Do you offer any kind of other service?

Yes, Sorrento Luxury provide multiple services like:


  • Transportation to / from airports or train stations in Naples, Rome, Florence etc. by Mercedes cars and licensed and professional English-speaking drivers.
  • Helicopter tours
  • VIP assistance
  • Land experiences like gastronomic tour, pizza school and cooking class


Do you arrange any kind of transportation from our accommodation in Sorrento (or surrounding areas) to the port?

Yes, we can arrange transfers from / to Sorrento and Massa Lubrense.

Please keep us informed about how many people will be and if you need a roundtrip transfer.


PLEASE NOTE: this will have an extra cost.


Would be possible to visit Pompeii, Herculaneum or Vesuvio on our way to / from Sorrento?

 Yes, if you wish to stop by an archeological site on your way to / from Sorrento keep us informed and we’ll provide to send you an accurate quote.

 PLEASE NOTE: Entrance fees to monuments, museum and archeological sites are not included.



Can I charter a yacht for more than one day?

Yes, if you wish to sleep on board to enjoy a “multiple destination” trip, you should consider vessels like Gianetti 45, Magnum 53, Riva 56, Enterprise 600, Sunseeker 75 Predator and others.


What time is the check-in and check-out for a multiple-day cruise?

Check-in for multiple-day cruise is at 10.00 AM and check-out is at 6.00 PM on the last day.


What factors affect the cost of a multiple-day cruise?

The total amount of a multiple-day cruise is the result of the daily charter fee, the VAT applied on a specific boat, and the APA, which is 40% of the charter fee.


What’s APA?

The charter fee generally covers the hire of the yacht and the crew, the operating expenses of a charter such as fuel, food, drinks, port fees and ad hoc incidentals are covered by the Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA).

The APA is 40% of the charter fee. It must be paid at the confirmation moment, and it will be given to the captain who will ensure that the yacht is fully fueled and provisioned when you step on board.

At the end of the cruise, a full set of accounts will be submitted by your captain. Any credit not used at the end of your charter will be returned to you in full. On the other hand, if during the charter period the expenditure exceeds the sum already paid, additional cash funds will be required at once. All outstanding bills from the yacht charter should be settled in cash or by bank transfer before your final disembarkation


Cancellation Policy Mini-cruise

In case of bad weather, if the sea conditions allow the service to be carried out safely, there is no cancellation.
It will be the Company’s discretion to reschedule the experience or to provide a refund if security conditions do not exist. Remember that the refund will be deducted 5% for the costs of the service management.