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Ionic Greece

1st day:


Boarding in the morning at the tourist port of Gouvia Marina. Once the boarding, baggage and presentation of the crew are finished, you will go out to sea and then stop in one of the many and beautiful inlets of the island, second in size among the Ionian ones, and enjoy its clear calm waters. Here it is beautiful to snorkel, the seabed and the transparent sea allow you to admire unique underwater landscapes.
At dusk we return to the port, in Gouvia Marina. The evening is perfect for visiting the town of Corfu and the many characteristic shops and clubs of the place. Here the nightlife is very active, so fun is guaranteed!


2nd day:


We leave for the small island of Andipaxos, about 1 hour and 40 minutes away from the south east of Corfu. Here too we will enjoy a breathtaking view anchoring in one of its bays. The island is sparsely populated, about 50 people live there. The white sand of this island gives its depths an intense blue color. Before evening we move to the island of Lefkada.

The mouth of its modern Marina is quite particular: we will wait a few minutes to open the bridge that connects the island to the continent, and we will cross the narrow navigable canal that will lead us to the most populated inhabited center of the place, and to its modern marina attached to the country. The old and characteristic houses of the village make us immerse in the heart of genuine Greece that we like, the Orthodox churches are numerous, it is always worth entering to have a look.

Even the nightlife is intense on the sides of the port, the clubs with their tables a few meters from the sea are a place where you can stop and enjoy an ice cream or an aperitif, or rather dine in company. The inhabitants of the island are really very hospitable and ready to please the visiting tourist. From time to time it is possible to observe the seaplane from Corfu, which floats or takes off from the canal...


3rd day:


Today we will continue , in slow motion , our navigation towards the sea along the canal ; on our sides we can observe the marshes that separate Lefkada from the continent, and after a while, enter the open sea again. After about 20 minutes we will reach the very famous private island of Aristotle Onassis, the well-known Greek shipowner who in the 1960s lived very troubled love stories on the island, it is Skorpios. In the bay there is still the buoy where his large yacht, the "Christina O" was moored , and not far away is the luxurious villa where she spent his holidays.

Today it has become a sort of museum that can be visited by appointment. Not far away is the peaceful island of Meganisi, where we will spend the night in one of its three enchanting bays. The low and flat island is almost entirely cultivated with olive groves, and its small port is definitely worth visiting. It is not unusual to see old sea urchin fishermen who gather them along its coasts with their small boats.


4th day:


We are preparing to leave after breakfast, today's stop will be Ithaca, home of Ulysses, the legendary hero of Homer's poem "Odyssey". From afar we will be able to observe it and as we get closer to imagine what the now old king of the island would have thought, during his arrival after so many years of absence. The coasts in craggy features, and other sweet and plain make us realize that offers many places where you can spend a wonderful day at the beach. Its port, built in a large bay with a narrow entrance, welcomes us with pleasure, and after passing near the islet in the center of the bay, we approach the mooring quay close to the typical village with Greek architecture with houses at most 2 floors. Also, as in other neighboring islands, there is the promenade with its day and night clubs overlooking 2 meters from the sea where you can entertain yourself. The waters in front of Ithaca fully reflect the expectations of those who want to immerse themselves in a clean and transparent sea.


5° Giorno:


Today we will tour the island of Ithaca, stopping then in one of its beautiful bays. Shortly before sunset we will sail to nearby Kefalonia, the largest Greek island of the Ionian islands, and we will arrive in Fiskardo, a place where worldliness is at home; the nightlife of the place lasts all night so I expect that you will not sleep at all!


6° Giorno:


We leave for the island of Paxos, about two and a half hours away, to the north, where we will stop for a swim in the beautiful waters of the bay of Lakka and for lunch. In the late afternoon we will approach the only port of the Island of Paxos, the port of Gaios , a very particular place, long and narrow, and with 2 entrances . We will cross it by the tender, being shallow to allow us to cross it with our yachts. We will spend the night at anchor in the immediate proximity of the nice inhabited center full of activities and people busy in their trades . The extra virgin olive oil produced with the olives of this place has an extraordinary flavor, but the soaps made with olives are also unique! Strolling through its narrow streets is truly a pleasure. In the evening, the small bars and restaurants on the quayside of the peaceful harbor offer rare sensations. To live!


7 Giorni:


Today, after a hearty breakfast with the panorama of the houses of Gaios, we set sail to return to our base port: Corfu. In just over an hour and a half we will arrive at our destination, and we hope that the holiday in these beautiful islands has been appreciated, like the stay on our yacht.