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Sicily and Aeolian Islands

1st day:


Boarding in Milazzo. In the morning, boarding at the tourist port of Milazzo. 

At the end of the operations boarding, baggage accommodation and presentation of the crew we leave for the island of Vulcano, where we will stop for a swim in the beautiful water and we will stop for lunch. 

In the late afternoon we will leave to Lipari, this is the largest inhabited center of the 7 Aelian islands, walking along its course that goes from the port “Marina Lung” to the small fishermen's port, called “Short Marina”. There are many places where there is live music, and typical restaurants where we can advise you to taste typical local dishes and fresh fish.

The island is beautiful even when walking its main streets, a tour of the island by car or scooter will give you incredible emotions especially if you stop in some of the panoramic points from which you can see all 7 Aeolian islands.


2nd day:


Today it is a must to stop in some of the most beautiful bays of Lipari, they offer absolute well-being sensation, passing from the dark blue waters of the bays of the south west to the light-blue those of the so-called "Pumice" coast, where in the past volcanic rocks were exctracted from the white mountains of the place. Looking at the boats from above, these seem suspended in the air, with the shadow that is printed on the white backdrop.

We will circumnavigate the island during the day, in the distance we will see Panarea, the smallest of the Aeolian Islands, Stromboli, with its plume of smoke visible from very far, Salina on our starboard, and behind it Filicudi and Alicudi.


3rd day:


Today we will move to Stromboli, famous all over the world for its volcano, which locals confidentially call "Iddu" which translated into Sicilian means "He" referring to the mountain as master of the place, and indeed it is so, here Iddu (he) is the one who commands! We will stop for the day in front of the only pier in

access to the island, you can go ashore to visit the small and crowded town of this place.

We will then set sail for the island of Panarea, where we will stop at anchor for the night, but not before having skirted Stromboli, and seeing the "Sciara del fuoco”, the point where the volcano's eruptions plunge forever into this dark blue sea. 

Once in Panarea, you can go down with our tender, and enjoy the island's nightlife; frequently you can meet movie stars and important international political figures who spend their holidays in this place. Raya is the place par excellence where to spend the evening.


4th day:


The waters of the Panarea harbor seem like a lake in the early morning, the first rays of suns that illuminate the island paint it reddish; the white shaped houses agglomerated cube between them contrast with the wild and low nature vegetation of this land, the alleys surrounded everywhere by palm trees are a sight to behold. Today we will stay close the island, where we will first move between the rocks of Lisca Bianca and Lisca Nera and we will do some snorkeling in an extraordinary place: we will go to the point where the natural gases of the volcanic subsoil sprouting in the pristine seabed of these shallows, diving into the bubbles from the center of the earth will be an unforgettable experience. 

In the afternoon, after lunch we will move to the close Basiluzzo islet. 

In the evening we will approach the second island in order of size of the Aeolian Islands: Salina.


5th day:


We will dedicate the day entirely to this island, the birthplace of the famous Malvasia delle Lipari, a fortified wine extracted from the type of grape that brings this name, and which once dried with the sun, it is pressed, thus obtaining a delicious sweet wine. 

We will then leave the port of Salina to head towards the area called "Perciato", name given by the locals to the characteristic hole in the rock of the promontory of Pollara, in the area of ​​the Salina faraglione. In this beautiful place the scenes of the famous movie "The postman" by the actor Massimo Troisi were shot, and from the bay where we will drop anchor we can admire the country house where parts of the film were shot.

At nightfall, with a wonderful sunset over the sea ​​we will go towards the little port that we left a few hours before, and where we will spend a pleasant evening.


6th day:


We will get ready to leave for the island of Filicudi. In just over 45 minutes we will cover the 17 miles that separate us from this beautiful and wild island.

We will drop the anchor in the suggestive stretch of sea where one of the symbols of the Sicily is located. It is the famous "Canna di Filicudi", a particular basaltic monolith rock about 70 meter-high from the surface of the sea, and which plunges into the seabed for another 30 meters; in the surroundings we can visit the cave of the “Bue marino”, a narrow cave at the mouth but that once we enter it widens and we will find a beach of pebbles. At dusk we will return to the island of Salina, where we will spend the night in the characteristic harbor where you can find souvenir shops and typical restaurants, in addition to bars and ice cream parlors where you can taste the famous mulberry granita, very tasty and originally from this place.


7th day:


After a good and healthy breakfast, we will start the engines. Today we will move towards the north Sicilian coast, we will leave the Aeolian archipelago to sail to Capo Tindari, a strip of sand with a pond inside. Here we will stop and spend the last day together. In this place we will have the impression of being on a Caribbean beach, with very fine golden sand and emerald waters will accompany us for the day before setting sail for

Milazzo, where we will greet you glad to have had you as guests on our motoryacht. From Milazzo you can reach the airport of Palermo Punta Raisi in about 2 hours by car, or Catania Fontanarossa airport in about an hour and a half.