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Sardinia e Corsica Tour seven days

First day


We leave the port of Poltu Quatu (a small pearl set in the north-east coast of Sardinia, in the coastal strip of Costa Smeralda), to navigate towards the island of Caprera, where we will stop to relax and admire the colors and transparency of the sea, in one of the most suggestive bays of the Island.

After having lunch and making the circumnavigation of the Isle of Caprera, we move to one of the most beautiful bays, to give us deserved wellness.

In the evening we will return to the port of Poltu Quatu, for overnight. In this small village you can go shopping, relax with an aperitif and taste the dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine.

Poltu Quatu

Second day


We sail for about 1 hour in the North-West direction to reach the Archipelago of La Maddalena where we will anchor at the mantle of the Madonna.

The Archipelago of La Maddalena is made up of three very close islands in the center of which a backdrop of white sand with emerald shades has formed over the years.

After an invigorating bath, we decide whether to have lunch on board or even at the restaurant.

About evening we return to the port of Poltu Quatu .

La Maddalena

Third day


We leave the port and sail in direction of Corsica, and during navigation we will pass through the channel that separates the towns of Palau and Porto Raffael, from the island of La Maddalena to Caprera, Budelli and Spargi. Then we start sailing in the Mouths of Bonifacio, a part of the sea that separates Sardinia from Corsica (Italy from France).

Going through the Mouths of Bonifacio, in the Corso area, we will reach the Island of Lavezzì, the Island of Cavallò and after few minutes, we will reach the Island of La Pianà, where we anchor and relax with a dip in emerald waters.

By the evening we head for the port of Bonifacio, immediately recognizable by the houses perched on the white limestone cliff, where we will stop for the night.

In addition to architectural beauty, the port of Bonifacio offers restaurants of remarkable quality and characteristic shops for shopping.


Fourth day


We leave the port of Bonifacio and sail through S-E for about 1h30, in the direction of Sardinia, destination Cala di Volpe bay. We will anchor the anchor in front of the beautiful white sand beach of Liscia Ruja (Long Beach), here we will find restaurants that offer exquisite Italian and Sardinian cuisine.

From this bay, in the distance, one of the most well-known hotels in the world (Hotel Cala di Volpe) can be recognized. Its names comes from the name of the village.

In the first afternoon, we will sail in the direction of the bay of Grande where we will drop anchor and dive into the crystal waters of Costa Smeralda.

Towards evening we will return to the port of Porto Cervo where we will spend the night.

The village of Porto Cervo, in the heart of the Costa Smeralda, is a very well-known resort known all over the world for its beauty and its singular architecture.


Fifth day


We will leave the port of Porto Cervo and sail towards S-W in direction of Tavolara Island, a granite monolith with a surface of 6 km2 and a maximum height of 560 meters, characterized by impervious rocks and dizzying verticality and splendid chromatic tones.

In the southern part of the Island, a strip of land extends. It gives the seabed the characteristic emerald color, many white-sand bays are the backdrop for restaurants overlooking the sea .

Towards evening we will set sail and head for the port of Portisco where we will stay overnight. Also here we can choose between the various restaurants and delight ourselves with the specialties of Sardinian cuisine.


Sixth day


Leaving the port of Portisco behind us, we sail for about 1 hour in the N-W direction where, on arrival, we will anchor in the large bay of Porto Pollo. Here we will relax with an invigorating bath and a walk on the long beach.

In the early afternoon, we will move towards the bay of Porto Palma (a very large natural inlet   horseshoe shaped, where we will admire the beauty of the landscape that it surrounds us.

Then in the evening, we head towards the port of Poltu Quatu, where we will spend the night.

Liscia Ruja

Seventh day


The last morning is devoted to the formalities of the landing.

The customer can choose our itinerary or create his own itinerary according to his preferences.