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Many famous friends and Brands

We are proud to say that among our Guests thare are also many VIPs and influent people such as: Michael Jordan, Martin Lindstrom, Raphael Varane, John Lagerling, Kate Upton, Bianca Nappi, Chiara Nasti, Victoria Recaño, Michael Hoffman, Darshan Kantak, Riccardo Tozzi, Roberto Cenci, Oliver Stapleton fotography director, Kevin Spacey, Luli Ortiz Anchor-Reporter, the little Princess Valentina Skye and Princess Charlotte Casiraghi. We are also partner of important brands which choose regularly our services like Bulgari, Toyota, Huawei. We think that the secret for success is to arrange guests' holiday as it could be our and We aim to satisfy all 5 senses with the power of our sea, which is our common denominator.