Weekly Boat tour Experiences

Weekly charters are a must if you wish to discover the wonders



Mini cruises are complete excursions which require several days to visit all the stages that make up its route. Spending more than 24 hours on board offers the chance to enjoy magnificent sunsets over the sea and allows to take more from each place you’ll visit.

We are used to arrange tours with departure from Sorrento or Naples which include Ischia, Capri, Positano and Amalfi, but if you wish to visit more you can even think to reach Vietri sul Mare or explore Salerno, or even have a stop in Castellammare and reach Pompeii ruins, the most famous archeological site in the world. There are so ways to customize and build an amazing itinerary!

Possible Itineraries: 

Entry Level Boat - Gozzo

Premium Level Yacht

Luxury Yacht