Salpa 35

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The Salpa 35 is a versatile and comfortable boat, ideal for those who want to enjoy a sailing experience characterized by relaxation and style. Here is a detailed description of its main features:

Design and Structure
Length: Approximately 11 meters (35 feet).
Hull: Constructed with high-quality materials, often reinforced fiberglass, ensuring durability and strength.
Deck: Spacious and well-organized, with ample space for sunbathing and relaxation.
Cabins: Typically equipped with two double cabins, comfortably accommodating up to 4 people.
Bathroom: A bathroom with a shower, elegantly and functionally furnished.

Engine: Equipped with powerful diesel or gasoline twin engines, offering an excellent combination of speed and fuel efficiency.
Speed: Capable of reaching high cruising speeds, making it perfect for both short excursions and longer trips.
Maneuverability: Excellent maneuverability due to the hull design and modern propulsion system.


Comfort and Amenities
Interiors: High-quality finishes with fine wood and durable fabrics, offering a welcoming and luxurious atmosphere.
Galley: A well-equipped galley with a stove, refrigerator, and ample storage space for meal preparation while sailing.
Salon: A spacious salon with a dining area and comfortable seating, often convertible into an additional bed.
Air Conditioning: Air conditioning system for maximum comfort during the warmer months.
Entertainment: Stereo system, TV, and other onboard entertainment options.
Sunbathing Areas: Large sunbathing areas at both the bow and stern, with comfortable cushions for relaxation.
Cockpit: Spacious cockpit with a dining table, ideal for outdoor meals.
Helm Station: Well-equipped with modern navigation instruments and easy access to controls.

Safety Equipment: Equipped with all necessary safety equipment, such as life jackets, fire extinguishers, and a first aid kit.
Certifications: Compliant with all current safety regulations for recreational boating.
The Salpa 35 is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-performance, comfortable, and versatile boat, capable of

offering an unforgettable sailing experience for both short excursions and longer cruises.