The Leopard 23 Sport Prestige is a sporty and luxurious yacht produced by Leopard Yachts, known for its combination of performance, elegant design, and comfort. Here's a detailed description:


Design and Aesthetics

Exteriors: Sleek and sporty lines with a low, dynamic profile that emphasizes the boat's speed and agility. High-quality materials and meticulously crafted finishes.

Interiors: Luxury and comfort are the pillars of the interiors, featuring spacious living areas, elegant and customizable furnishings, and premium materials like wood, leather, and high-end fabrics.


Length: Approximately 23 meters (75 feet), a size that offers a good balance between living space and maneuverability.

Beam: Approximately 6 meters (20 feet), providing adequate stability and generous interior spaces.



Engines: Typically equipped with powerful diesel engines that ensure high cruising and top speeds.

Speed: Capable of reaching high top speeds, thanks to the hydrodynamic hull design and engine power.

Technical Features

Onboard Equipment: Equipped with advanced technology for navigation and vessel management, including GPS navigation systems, autopilot, radar, and other state-of-the-art electronic instruments.

Comfort and Entertainment: Advanced audio-video systems, air conditioning, ample spaces for relaxation and entertainment both inside and outside, with sunbathing areas and spaces for outdoor dining.



Cabins: Typically configured with 3-4 cabins, including a spacious and luxurious owner's cabin. The guest cabins are also well-finished and comfortable.

Bathrooms: Each cabin usually has a private bathroom with high-quality finishes.

Crew Area: Dedicated spaces for the crew, ensuring privacy and impeccable service for guests.

The Leopard 23 Sport Prestige represents an excellent choice for those seeking a blend of sporty performance and luxury, ideal for fast cruises and comfortable stays at sea.



Modello Leopard 23

Berths: Up to 8 guests

Cabins: 3-4 cabins, including the owner's cabin




Engines: Typically two diesel engines, with a total power ranging between 1500 and 2000 horsepower



Length: 23 meters (75 feet)

Beam: 6 meters (20 feet)

Draft: Approximately 1.5 meters (5 feet)

Displacement: Approximately 45 tons

Maximum Speed: Up to 35 knots

Cruising Speed: Around 28 knots

Fuel Tank Capacity: Approximately 5000 liters

Water Tank Capacity: Approximately 1000 liters

Bathrooms: 3-4 bathrooms, one for each cabin

Berths: Up to 8 guests

Crew Area: Separate cabin with bathroom for 2 crew members

Generator: Approximately 20 kW generator

Instrumentation: GPS, autopilot, radar, VHF, depth sounder, electronic monitoring system

Entertainment: Advanced audio-video systems, internet connection, satellite TV



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